Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Graberhill "Grabby" McSnagems: Halfling Thief

Like much of life in general, Grabby’s background remains foggy and confusing (if not downright embarrassing) to him.

Grabby is now a strapping little lad of seventeen, but his earliest memories are running wild about the port town of Dunshire as an orphan child. Now Dunshire is as rough and tumble as any port town you’ve ever been in. In fact, I’d say it’s even rougher, and even tumbler than any of the towns you’ve ever visited.

Grabby never had a mother or father, and doesn’t even know where he was born. As a baby, Grabby was taken in by Mimsey Muffletimes McSnagems—the madame of the best-loved brothel in town: Mimsey Muffletimes Manor House (her last name of McSnagems proved not so good for business). Mimsey cared enough for Grabby, but mostly he was left to run wild amonsgt the ladies of the night and the town at large. He didn’t even come with a name, but soon enough Mimsey’s ladies started calling him ‘Grabby’… for reasons I’ll leave you to imagine for yourselves.

Now Grabby became quite good at general thievery and shennanegains. His small size served him well for sneaking and stealing about. In fact, as the other street urchin children grew, Grabby did not. It seemed that only his feet grew! The other boys started growing hair on their faces. Grabby could only grow hair on his... feet. He was teased and tormented. Weird little Grabby McSnagems.

Eventually Grabby understood that he was not a regular boy. In fact, he might not even be a human boy at all! One day, a patron at the brothel yelled out to Grabby, “Yer a Halfling, yeh DOLT!” Armed with this startleing revalation, at the age of sixteen and a half Grabby resolved to forge out on his own to find where he was born, and find his real mother and father.

Grabby stowed away in a barrel of cheap wine on the merchant ship ‘Offlecast’. It may have been going in the wrong direction (it was), but he didn’t care. He was soon found out, but the sailors took a shine to him. He would sing and he would dance, and he came with an uncanny ability to eat almost anything. He was easy to keep. The sailors taught Grabby to fight. And Grabby honed his thievery in each port town they landed in.

Eventually the ship docked on Leeds Island and Grabby decided to part ways with the Offlecast to continue his search for halflings and his true home.

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